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PART II: Interview with Charles Stone, MRF Deputy Director

Iona Miller, 2006

In Part I of this MRU story, I discussed the known background of Dr. Carl Schleicher and his involvement with both Mankind Research Unlimited, Inc. and Mankind Research Foundation. I also described the allegations that he was a principle investigator in the development of the human cyborg, Manchurian Candidate, in the infamous MK Ultra mind control project.  In Part II, I interview Charles Stone on his time with Schleicher at Mankind Research Foundation and the allegations. Earlier this year, Dr. Schleicher’s sister wrote me repudiating Stone’s allegations, but it is unlikely she was privy to any Top Secret operations her brother may have engaged in.



Iona: Just how did you come to work for Dr. Schleicher? Did you ever do any SpecOps, PsiOps, or BlackOps projects? What were your qualifications for such work?

STONE: I was not with Carl until seven years after he was publically exposed in 1980. But MRU was a front for the most advanced mind control technology at that time.

My exposure to esoteric science started with Carl Schleicher. Actually a little earlier I used to like to go the very house in Philadelphia where the famous 19th century psychic lived. It is where the dog slept on her leg and brought an overnight cure. It's the Black (or White) Dog Cafe. And of course there were other things in that area of PA, NJ, DE and MD where I lived. Even next to the Hall where the Constitution was written is The American Philosophical Assn. Especially at night it seems strange. I was there at the time of the Bicentennial of the Constitution.

I’m more of an investigator. I have used some of the Tarpley associated history in one of my projects dealing with Tavistock Institute, for example. That was the pioneer MI 6 Agency which led to MK Ultra (“Mind Kontrol”) and much more.

I believe that Dr. Carl Schleicher was a front for the most advanced high tech part of that effort when Richard Miller worked with him. Most likely Richard and his associates were not aware of Carl's full role. He had many good people working under him.

I worked with Carl from 1987 thru 1992. I was his Deputy. By that time he had been exposed by a magazine in D.C. That publication was also a waste because it only exposes harmless people like Carl Schleicher essentially was! A much fuller story is of course that of exposing the "powers that be" who are behind all of this. Like Carl Schleicher, the Bush people are doing what more powerful groups want done!

Iona: Were you an observer or a participant in any psi research? The urban myths make Carl sound like the ‘Cigarette Man’ on the X-Files. What kept you going back?

STONE: It was exciting learning about his new ideas, which came along frequently, or technologies to develop potentially. He had his own company, which controlled Blood Irradiation. We tried to promote several modalities for drug and alcohol abuse -- 3M Program using Kundalini Yoga, Electronic Drug and Alcohol treatment, earthquake prediction technology, a German based technique for AIDS therapy using hydrogen peroxide. It was crude but has produced cures.

There was a project for using poultry waste to produce a high protein powder for food. It was okay! But horrible! There was also a problem with the nasty chemicals used. There was a low cost housing project, which never went anywhere. We stayed busy, but no breakthroughs were made TO MY KNOWLEDGE!

Iona: What types of projects were you personally involved with? Were there other projects you got wind of but were not privy to? How do we know you are not a mole? Do you happen to have any of your MRU pay stubs or tax records from that period; some kind of paper trail?

STONE: I started with Carl Schleicher by sending him a resume in the summer of 1987. He expressed interest, but suggested I wait to start. This came in the fall of 1987. At first I worked with Carl two days a week at his office. The rest of the work was done from my house in PA. It is a two + hour drive right down I-95 to downtown Silver Springs, Maryland where his office was located. It was an ideal but somewhat sleazy area. We started on promoting his key projects to save the world. I learned a lot about psychotronics, including diagnostic devices. But the emphasis was on bringing these new ideas to the attention of the Federal Government.

Iona: Many of the researchers at MRU displayed extraordinary human potentials as well as studying them. In many cases, such as psychic Sean Harribance, these unusual talents were their reason for being there. Sean began working with Dr. J.B. Rhine in 1969 and was the first to get high scores on ESP tests where EEG, EKG and galvanic skin response sensors were used. He was also the first to show a link between high ESP scores and a specific brain wave.

His site says, “In 1976, the parapsychology labs could no longer give him a salary so he moved to Maryland in search of research funds from government sources. In Maryland he did some work with Mankind Research, and continued some part-time research with Duke University. Sean began to realize that by proving himself to others, he could generate further interest in parapsychology, and the psi research.” In 1998 he continued his work with Dr. Michael Persinger.

Do you have any such abilities or try to develop them? What was the most extraordinary display of unusual abilities you saw during your work with Carl?

STONE: He never mentioned any of the interesting findings or good people like Rick Miller. We wondered about auras. It too seemed strange. I did not know about Miller's work until recently. Regarding known personalities: I met a Dr. Zedek who was President of the International Psychotronic Association from Czechoslovakia. I met Dr. Eldon Byrd who died several years ago who was a known personality. I met a better and more competent version of Carl, Mark Benza. He was based in Calgary, Alberta. Mark did make a number of breakthroughs. But he was a misguided genius! He also died several years ago. I did learn about remote viewing, dowsing and a lot more.


Iona: On a positive note, Carl seems to have focused even more strongly on health and healing when he created MRF. Perhaps he’d had enough of the “Dark Side”. It is ironic that even though MRU is blamed for some of the most heinous psychophysical experimentation, it also seems to have been the herald of social trends such as the LSD era of the 60s and the fad that came to stay, the New Age movement. Most of my psychotherapist friends blame the cavalier attitude of Timothy Leary for ruining the therapeutic potential of psychoactive drugs.

STONE: It is almost certain that the Unabomber was associated with a key mind control expert at Harvard when he was identified as a 16-year-old mathematical genius. It is believed that something was done to him that led to his madness. That is just one of the examples of the damage caused. Not the least of these was turning universities into huge drug and alcohol dens!

It was only after his death in 1999 that we knew of the earlier role of MRU as a front for the CIA for its most sensitive mind control technology. In one book, CIA Mind Control Operations in the USA, Carl is credited with inventing the cyborg, a human robot triggered by external means. We will never know the full extent of MK Ultra.

Some of the technologies featured in NEXUS or by MRF in embryonic development will someday be used in medicine or energy medicine. Some medium technological examples are showing up now for healing or pain management.

Iona: Like TENS and Alpha-Stim, which have become pain and depression management staples. Now, low intensity lasers, like BioFlex, are FDA approved for pain and joint treatments. One interrupts the pain signal to the brain and the other uses tunable transcranical electrostimulation to create brainwave coherence: Alpha and Theta. Still other brain-driving techniques use resonance or brainwave entrainment. Wild Divine is a game form with biofeedback applications.

You loosely allege that virtually nothing MRU/MRF investigated panned out. Yet that isn’t quite true if you have a comprehensive view on where this research went. My work continues with physicist Lian Sidorov at with its Journal of Nonlocality and Remote Mental Interactions, for example. We’ve interviewed many of the original MRU and SRI players who are still active in the field. We also continue our independent investigations through the Organization for the Advancement of Knowledge (O.A.K.).

STONE: Yes, in his later years, Carl Schleicher tried to bring esoteric knowledge to the attention of the Federal Government for AIDS, Cancer, Drug and Alcohol Abuse, etc. MRF brought forward a number of approaches, which could have been developed. Unfortunately, he turned off the very people he wanted to influence. I was his Deputy at that time.

Iona: I am interested in hearing what you mean by “turned them off” and who “they” are. Are we talking about personality, credibility, or incredibility?

STONE: Carl was a pretty strange man. I wish I had a picture of his desk. You have seen the cartoon "The Professor" with the stacks of papers etc. He had file drawers full of old reports, some open. He had an office manager, Roger Little and typist, Bob (both male). Roger Little moved to Salt Lake City to work for the Mormon Church and moved on. One had a mental handicap but could not read Carl's handwriting. (Idiot Savant, I presume).

I assisted Carl with all D.C. based activities. This included marketing, sales, promotion, evaluation of technology, media contact, attending conventions etc.

Carl mentioned his previous lab and much bigger operation on Kalorama Rd. in D.C. But provided no details. He claimed his earlier work was as a Naval Intel Officer working on intercepts and codes in Turkey. Most of our time was spent promoting his "innovative" approaches. Often there was something wrong with the technologies. Then there was Carl's personality.

He was a classic Dr. Strangelove.

We knew very little about his earlier operation in which Rick Miller and other known researchers were involved. To my knowledge Carl was not involved in supervising research. But he had a lot of people in the wings who were ready to go if he made another breakthrough.

His way of dealing with people turned everybody off. He was especially bad with women. He had a nice widow from Hungary and California who would visit from time to time. It was only a plutonic [sic] relationship. His handwriting and other communication skills were not very good for a very smart man. Even his English was not that good.

Carl was constantly sending information to people about psychotronics and being a Johnny Appleseed in that way. We had a number of interesting people and scientists who visited the office. But again Carl's social skills weren't very good. He would never even have coffee or tea for visitors. That is part of the reason for my questions to you and Richard about his past activities.

Over the years my knowledge has expanded in different areas. NEXUS does present an ideal outlet for some psychotronic ideas but goes far beyond that field. There is actually a range of technologies from electronic to electromagnetic to subtle energies to psychotronics and beyond.

After Carl was exposed in 1980 he never recovered his "glory days". It does appear that he contributed to or was given credit for a number of important findings. Again that is a reason for my questions.

Iona: It looks to me like the truth is unresolvably muddied. I think he has gotten credit for things he did not do, for both good and evil. Likewise, he has perhaps not been recognized as an important link in the chain of many biomedical advances, for example.

STONE: I have not worked with Carl since 1990. But I did stay in contact with him and would stop by his office over the next decade. He liked me! But he was difficult to work for or with. But there were always a lot of good people who did the actual work, each in their respective areas.

Iona: The MRF pamphlet for 1994 (in my possession) listed the following, all of which shared an address with MRF: Studies alternative health treatments, Kirlian photography, dowsing, biotechnologies for the handicapped, and drug addiction.

Some projects associated with psychotechnology:

Using "high frequency electro-stimulation of muscle and neural tissues" to stimulate atrophied muscles in the handicapped.

"Hearing aid device, developed as an auditory nerve by-pass to the brain via the skin". Sounds similar to the Neurophone.

"Blind 'I-C' device, based on advanced electronic signal processing technology which can enable a sightless person to 'electronically sight and view' his environment."

Behavior modification with subliminal suggestion, for drug and cigarette addiction.
Associated with:

The Center for Preventive Therapy and Rehabilitation

S.A.F.E. (Society for the Application of Free Energy): Studies psionics, dowsing, radionics, and radiesthesia.

The International Association for Psychotronic Research

STONE: Several months ago I tried to pass on to General Motors new ideas and technologies for health care. The only one, which could be used, was the electronic drug and alcohol treatment. I still have my papers from that era. In fact, I have a box of unsorted documents, which could still yield something! We had a joke about Carl’s voluminous proprietary files, which he claimed if “raided” might have some value. I don't know what his sister did with Carl's papers.

But it does appear from Richard Miller's work and corroboration that Carl played an important role in supervising a group of diverse people. In addition he was a worldwide "Johnny Appleseed" for psychotronics, etc. Hopefully it will bear fruit some day.

Iona: Online there is a 1995 research paper Carl himself wrote on his ultraviolet irradiation of blood project, as the Foundation for Blood Irradiation. Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UBI or UBIT) is a certified nontoxic therapy that inactivates blood-borne viruses, such as Hepatitis and HIV. It is also called Photoluminescence, Hematologic Oxidative Therapy. It raises the resistance of the host to control the disease process. In his tests, each treatment of UBI reduced PCR Viral Activity by 50%-75%.

If, in the end as you allege, Carl’s search for some psychological Holy Grail was fruitless throughout his career, I still feel he was attempting to move humanity forward. After all, it is not the prize, but the quest for human advancement that is the point of leading-edge research. Even though stereotypical or consensus models are crumbling, and supermind and the bioplasmic field are embraced by some, we are still out on that limb.



Perhaps one of Schleicher’s greatest contributions came in the field of super learning. Volume. 25, Journal of Accelerating Learning & Teaching (Kelly & Morrisey, 2000)) eulogizes his pivotal role in accelerated learning popularizing the research of Dr. Geogi Lozanov of Bulgaria.  Even in this arena, Carl remained controversial for his control and anger issues. He threatened to sue anyone employing his franchised technique, purchased in 1975.

Penny Kelly and Brian Morrisey characterize Carl as a military establishment player with early spy experience in Europe, which led to his discovery of Lozanov. Carl wanted to commercialize everything he came up with but you cannot copyright a method. From 1976-1988, he opened schools for stress-free learning of language, memory, creativity. The musical whole brain approach to learning, retention and motivation used hypnotic techniques, not foreign to Schleicher.

Psychologist Stanley Krippner described European classes::  I have observed the suggestopedia classes in Bulgaria and Hungary. Classes had a relaxed comfortable learning environment. Rather than individual learning, it was group learning. It included preliminary exercises, new material, and a review of what was learned. The first stage used 2/3 of the time. Then suggestions were given by the teacher to promote learning. The presentation phase took one third of the time. The method encourages students to make mental images of the material. In foreign language classes, people take on new roles.”

The Washington Times ) ; 12-07-1999
CARL SCHLEICHER, 66, FOUNDATION PRESIDENT Carl Schleicher, 66, founder and president of Mankind Research Foundation, died Nov. 25 at Holy Cross Hospital in
Silver Spring. A scholar, researcher and scientist, he worked to extend "frontiers of science" to mankind, his family said. Under his leadership, the Silver Spring-based Mankind Research Foundation was awarded grants for educational and medical programs. His company worked with the government to research and develop treatments for cancer and AIDS. One of his most recent and successful projects was the development of new uses for ultraviolet blood irradiation to treat viral and bacterial infections. Mr. Schleicher was the author of many scientific papers and was a professor at
American University and the University of Maryland. He served as an intelligence
officer for 10 years in the Navy, attaining the rank of lieutenant commander. He was assigned to posts in Germany and Turkey. Born in Reading, Pa., he attended Booton High School in New Jersey, graduating in 1951. He then attended Drexel University and was a member of Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity. He transferred in 1952 to the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis and graduated with honors in 1956 with a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering. He was awarded a Rotary Foundation Fellowship and studied at the University of Cologne in Germany, where he received a master's degree in political economicsin 1962. He later earned a doctorate degree. He spoke six languages and served
as an interpreter for President Eisenhower and Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy. After leaving from the Navy, he returned to the United States in 1966 and moved to Silver Spring, where he lived until his death. He is survived by his mother, Mary Schleicher, and a sister, Cheryl Ann Schleicher, both of Booton, N.J.; and a brother, John E. Schleicher Sr. of Denville, N.J. Services have been held.

But his greatest contribution is probably in cancer treatment. He himself had to be on dialysis in the early 90s before his kidney transplant. Shortly before his death by heart attack on Thanksgiving eve 1999, he was in Brazil setting up more sites in his string of clinics for ultra violet radiation. Carl had staying power in his arena, dealing with flakes, visionaries, governments, and scientists alike. Even with his commercial angle, many say he did leave the planet a good man, working for the benefit of all. If so, his stated humanitarian mission was fulfilled.


POSTSCRIPT: Schleicher’s real breakthrough came in the 1970’s with Ostrander's & Schroeder's, Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain (1970). It inspired the formation of MRU, and was its starting point. Later, their SuperLearning inspired Accelerated Learning. Like similar agencies, SRI and IONS, MRU investigated self-regulation techniques as well as external controls.

MRU fostered interest in energy medicine, hypnotherapy, magnetic healing, acupuncture, radionics or radiesthesia, remote healing and viewing, and psychophysical control of internal states. The MRU researchers were pathfinders, carving broad highways through the mindscape. The cross-disciplinary synergy between physics, biology, psychiatry, religion, etc., continues to be explored, as well as the relationship of intent and belief.

I know for a fact that MRU had these positive aims as well, since Rick Miller’s bioluminescence research was largely targeted toward developing Rapid Scan Medical Diagnosis. Now we have CAT scans, MRI, SQUID, MEG, and fMRI all using essentially similar ideas to view the inside of the body non-invasively.

Now we have regular cross-disciplinary conferences, such as the ‘Toward a Science of Consciousness’ and Quantum Mind conferences in Tucson and International Conference on Science and Consciousness in Santa Fe. Parapsychology has disappeared into consciousness studies. Dr. Krippner himself told me it has been reabsorbed into mainsteam psychology, and he never calls himself a parapsychologist.

We explore the whole spectrum of approaches from philosophy of mind and dream research, to neuropsychology, pharmacology, and molecular dynamics, to neural networks, phenomenological accounts, and even the quantum physics of reality. The aim is to lay a sound scientific foundation for future research while also reaching consensus on many scattered areas of inquiry.

Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) and other foundations have solid backing as nonprofits. There are legions of lecturing mystics on the circuit, many inspired by the “usual suspects” from MRU and its sister organizations. My own psionics work continues experimentally and on the editorial board at with The Journal of Nonlocality and Remote Mental Interactions (JNLRMI).

There has been a major surge of interest recently in studying consciousness as more and more people have experiences that cannot be explained by traditional scientific approaches. Also there is wide popular interest in new physics as the popularity of the Indy film, “What the BLEEP Do We Know” shows.

We are living and working in the midst of extraordinary changes in our concepts of the nature of humankind. Enough has been written in recent years about the seeming inadequacy of the scientific method to grapple with the enigma of the strange experiences related by the pioneers.

In the early years, parapsychology was “ghettoized” in the scientific community. A person risks advancement possibilities by showing interest in parapsychology, except in the transpersonal circles, preaching to the choir of consciousness study people. Swedish forensic psychologist, Nils Wiklund, wrote an article with the title: "The parapsychological phenomena do not exist". On the other hand, Dr. Stanley Krippner (2003), even more respected now than in his days of loose association with MRU, states:

"At one level of investigation, there already are 'replications' and 'battle-tested' results, specifically the finding that about 50% of an unselected group will report having had a 'psychic experience,' supposedly involving those psi phenomena that have been given such labels as 'telepathy', 'clairvoyance', 'precognition', and 'psychokinesis' [mind over matter]. This percentage may vary from one culture, age group, and educational level to the next, but it has been repeated, in one study after another, for the last several decades."

Russell Targ (1994) claims, "[P]si is no longer elusive; it can be demonstrated when needed for study and investigation." Even though psychic training to strengthen the signal line is possible, unpredictability has been the hallmark of this emergent gift. To overcome this problem in both the theoretical and experimental arenas requires a marriage of the disciplines of physics, biophysics, biology, medicine, psychology, and hypnosis.

Findings from all these fields converge in the paradoxical subject of Extra-Sensory Perception. As the ideas of quantum mechanics, relativity and parapsychology slowly make their way into our collective consciousness, our common-sense views on time and causality find themselves more strained than they've ever been in the course of human history.

At some point in history, a split occurred and we ended up with Science and Religion. Science limited its study to the material world and the Church took charge of the metaphysical realms. Now, with science studying consciousness, we are ready to reintegrate Spirituality and Science.

Researchers are probing the interface between matter, spacetime and mind with increasing precision. There is optimism that ultimately conventional pathways will be found to explain their appearance. Suggestions (Miller, 2003) have included Schumann Resonance as a nearly-instantaneous carrier of psi information or perhaps paradoxical quantum nonlocality or coherence to account for it.

There are many models that provide potentially viable explanations. The mental aspects can perhaps be described psychologically, but the mechanics require models from physics. A variety of theories have been proposed, including neurological, holographic, electromagnetic, and quantum mechanics based hypotheses.

Like electricity, no one knows how psi works. However, to foster and practice psi we don't need to know how it works, anymore than we need to know the mechanics of internal combustion to drive a car.


Author: Iona Miller, is a consultant and transdisciplinarian, as well as nonfiction writer, web diva, hypnotherapist and multimedia artist. Her work is an omnisensory fusion of science-art, chaos theory, plenum physics, and emergent paradigm shift melding experiential psychotherapy, new physics, biophysics, philosophy, cosmology, healing, creativity, metaphysics, and sociology. Rather than an interest in specific doctrines, she is interested in the EFFECTS of doctrines from religion, science, psychology, and the arts. Our beliefs are the moldable raw material of the psyche, manipulated by governments, media and culture. How do we become what we are and how is that process changing in the near future? Iona is published by Phanes Press, Destiny Books (Inner Traditions International), Autonomedia, Bolero, Nexus Magazine, Dream Network Journal, Journal of Nonlocality and Remote Mental Interactions (JNLRMI), Chaosophy Journal, Journal of Interdisciplinary Crossroads, DNA Monthly, Der Golem, Pop Occulture, and more.


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