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Welcome to Iona Miller's 2007 Hyperspace Portal: PARAMEDIA

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"A point of view can be a dangerous luxury when substituted for insight and understanding." ~Marshall McLuhan


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Paramedia” describes what happens when peers come together in networks of influence, using media innovation. In the era of USER AS CONTENT, self-organizing people with the status skillsets of traditional media and access to media publishing tools converge in mutually-reinforcing, democratic and purposeful new ways beyond journalism and the shameless self-promotion of "Web 2.0" and other non-compliant media and distribution channels.

DIY Media: Paramedia, including desktop cinema, is the medium of the "Naughties." Arguably, it is the single most important factor in current social evolution, light years beyond the offerings of dry pedagogy and endless Power Point presentations. It penetrates deeply into the gaps of conventional culture, rigidity and atrophy, bursting it apart at the seams, like overripe fruit. It is a chaotic factor mirroring the criticality of our times, and magnifying its influence through the butterfly effect of info-memes.

Infowars: Taking its message directly to the people who either actively seek it or come upon it synchronistically, it is a new way of teaching and learning that suits our busy lifestyles and our infolust for concise, up to the minute reportage, analysis and applcation.  As with all media, once you digest the content, you are invited to make up your mind for yourself.

Paramedia Ecology describes the peer-to-peer world of subtle interactions of the sum of all such evolutionary media interactions, networks of influence, and peer relationships.  It includes social and political potential, agitprop, blogging, podcasting, videocasting, network nodes, tiny TV, YouTube, and the next thing we haven't heard about yet but will soon all be doing.

• Paramedia is a form of media that applies the training that has been largely restricted to journalists, artists and storytellers by limited access to the tools and channels for making and distributing messages;
• Paramedia operate beside, between, above and below the traditional practitioners of media and the paramedia channels enjoy an increasingly similar access to audiences through distribution channels.
• Paramedia can be dysfunctional; the assumption by established media is that paramedia is essentially flawed by a lack of professionalism. Paramedia people, likewise, believe the conventional media they supersede is dysfunctional. (Ratcliffe).

"McLuhan believed that electronic environments were molding people on a scale that was greater than any artwork, and that, therefore, artists should embrace the technologies of the future," says Paramedia Ecologist, Bob Dobbs."By this, he meant that in mass media environments, people are molded not only by the content but by a sensory bias specific to the medium," says Dobbs. For digital media, he adopted a different adage, that the "user is the content."

McLuhan's "put on" is the mysterious process of continual mutual transformation, resulting from a reciprocal dynamic whereby a reader's perceptions are altered by putting on a mask or poem, and a writer or maker puts on the reader, having to project his own image as the mask of the user or reader. McLuhan would later note that the "complexity of this process is such that even literary critics have despaired of ever unravelling it. Critics of the press, on the other hand, are accustomed to label the whole thing as degrading…" given that in the commercial sphere, the process can be referred to as "giving the public what it wants." He continues, "this process is at the very heart of any communication activity…It is certain to remain the central issue so long as readers are human and not merely robots." -Andrew Crystall


Now, it's time for the TAKE OFF, as we all GET REAL, online or off, once again ~ what is called in media ecology, the ANTHROPOMORPHIC PHYSICAL (AP), the physical body - not just the chip-body. 

The audience is US, the users, the DOWNLOADABLE HUMANS.

MYTH IS the  pattern of information/culture/community/technology and words/archetype/story/passion. Previously myth was imposed, now it is evoked. Instead of ruling people by controlling their passions, we rule through their passions. Myth is passion and under the electric myth all passions are retrieved and recycled simultaneously as software "form" (to live in on a long-term basis) and as hardware "content" (short-term and temporary lifespan). In terms of communication, which is what a medium is - it's shared information, it's community - shared communities and archetypes are talking, living out loud.

"We are polluting Art as fast as we are tidying up Nature. The people of the Earth are encouraged to engage in an experiment of utmost urgency. We must turn off the electric environment for a period of one week to perform a cleansing of mass-man's mind, body and spirit. We must get back to our bodies, lest we forget they are still there! Imagine the freedom to be experienced as the top-down cultural control of civilization is eradicated for even the briefest period! If everyone did participate in the media Fast, how would we know it happened? Stay tuned..." ~ Bob Dobbs

Who are we?

What we need is a new existential paradigm, a design pattern for putting knowledge into action. Doctors tell us we don't know the simplest things like how to eat or sleep properly. Psychologists tell us we don't know how to behave and politics shows us we don't know how to get along. Pundits and talking heads tell us we don't know how to think critically. We don't know what to believe, and fall victim to mind control, the spiritual supermarket, memes, agitprop and propaganda, and our own outworn childhood scripts.

We need a new Participatory Wisdom for how to be and how to get along in our rapidly changing world. We need to change the architecture of our participation with self, others and world for a richer user experience, an attitude not a technology. Science isn't the panacea. Soon it will make us Borg, transhumans with bioelectronic supplementation. Science still doesn't know what energy, matter, electricity, life, or the cosmos is, but the secret of the Universe is that IT's ALIVE! And so are we.

Calm Passion

It is that very nonmechanical liveliness, the joi de vivre of passion that best communicates our holistic Presence to others, to the world. In ancient times, wisdom was thought of as the type of knowledge needed to discern the good and live the good life. It was one of the four virtues, including justice, moderation, and courage which comes from the heart as the root couer shows. The pursuit of wisdom comes from a willingness to expose the pretenses of wisdom wherever we find it, even in ourselves. It gives us the infallible judgment to discern what is worthy of pursuit.

The "courage to be" -- what we potentially are, our mission and raison d'ete -- is essentially an ethical act of affirming our identity despite any shortcomings or the possibility of dreadful outcomes. It is embodied in two basic life strategies, which can be summed up as, "Say it then play it" or "Play it and then say it." 

In the former we declare our intent. We begin with an inspiration, fantasy or desire, name it then go about the process of making it so.  In the later, we place ourselves in the matrix of spontaneous events and find ourselves living larger than life, and then maximize that fortune to parlay it into further opportunities for fantastic experiences. Wisdom is developed through experience, insight and reflection -- the common sense of foresight, or "connecting the dots."

Philosophy as the love of wisdom is a metaphysical pursuit which opens the depth dimension. Sure, each of us can be wise in our craft, but that is merely a steppingstone to the greater accomplishment of a well-lived life, optimizing our talents and opportunities for expression. Knowledge is the basis for making good choices. Without the right information, we are stuck in the "garbage in/garbage out" modality.  

Participatory Wisdom

Practical wisdom, then, means the disposition and skill to use knowledge in the right ways -- fully actualized power. Skepticism toward rigid dogmas and even our own beliefs helps us stay quietly open to the opportunities which might otherwise be lost. In this mode, faith comes from a solid connection with the nurturing Ground of our Being, the inherent power of self-affirmation, despite the threat of nonbeing.

Faith in oneself pragmatically confronts and transcends both theism and mysticism with a skeptical eye toward their limiting content. In this regard, it affirms radical freedom. This is a freedom to simply be what we are, more fully, without cultural or "imported" conditioning. Insecurities remain, but are no longer paralyzing. When the inner aim is true, we cannot help but be drawn forward toward our own Truth. Aligning ourselves with others who appreciate the fundamental interconnectedness of life helps us thrive. It opens the door to both learning and mentoring others.

Courage in the face of the unknown is a gift of our Spirit. This strength of mind and heart is our Essence, our essential nature, which can neither be taught nor learned, but is a grace. It means power over oneself to muster and self-regulate inspiration, mood and creativity. It gives us the will to surpass ourselves, and joy in doing so. Without courage, we can tolerate neither failure nor success. With it, we can face the prospect of setbacks, guilt, condemnation and even death, for our lives are not empty nor meaningless...but a grand work of art, an artfully lived life with the acceptance that what IS-IS.

Thus, seeking and promoting wisdom means the capacity to realize what is of value in life for oneself and others, including knowledge and technological know-how, but much else besides that is the domain of aesthetics - Art with Heart.

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"The creative action is always at the boundary or leading edge of any field."

FREE RADICAL: Iona Miller, consultant and transdisciplinarian, is a nonfiction writer for the academic and popular press, hypnotherapist (ACHE) and multimedia artist. Her work is an omnisensory fusion of sacred activism, intelligence reform, esoterics, science-art, chaos theory, pop physics, and emergent paradigm shift melding experiential psychotherapy, future science, biophysics, resonant space, philosophy, cosmology, healing, creativity, qabalah, magick, paranormal, media ecology, mind control, paramedia, metaphysics, and cultural filters.

CHANGE AGENT: Rather than having an interest in specific doctrines, she is interested in the transformations, the EFFECTS of doctrines from religion, science, psychology, politics and the arts. Our beliefs are the moldable raw material of the psyche, manipulated by governments, media and culture. How do we become what we are and how is that process changing in the near future?

META HARI: Performance artist and spywhisperer, Ms. Miller is published by Phanes Press, Destiny Books (Inner Traditions), Autonomedia, Nexus Magazine, Dream Network, PM&E, Journal of Nonlocality and Remote Mental Interactions (JNLRMI), Chaosophy Journal, OAK, DNA Monthly, Pop Occulture, Schiffer, Bolero, Science-Art Research Centre, and more. She is a Ambassador and serves on the Board of nonprofit organization. Recent print articles include Alchemy Journal Vol. 10 No.1, Mar 09 (Australia), Paranoia zine #44, #46, #49, #50 (USA), HunterGatheress Journal, Vol. I and Vol. II, JNLRMI (Russia), Der Golem (Germany), Antibiothis I and III (Portugal), The Art of Fetish (Miami), and Journal of Interdisciplinary Crossroads (India). Her artwork has shown in Miami, Phoenix, New York, in magazines and more. Appearances include "21st Century Radio," "Untamed Dimensions," "Reality Portal," " Digital Long Island," "The Ascending Way," etc.

“The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery.”  ~Francis Bacon


“Several years have now passed since I first realized how many were the false opinions that my youth took to be true and how doubtful were all the things I subsequently built upon these opinions.” ~Rene Descartes, Meditations on First Philosophy


"Association with pupils keeps one's work youthful. Critiquing others keeps one's point of view clear." (William
Merritt Chase, 1849-1916)

is the art of giving and receiving wisdom; guiding, nurturing and enabling others to realize and develop their full potential with respect for their own journey. It celebrates an extension of self-cultivation with kindred spirits in soulful relationships.

Mentoring is individualized and tailored. Instructables means sharing what you make and how others can make it: step-by-step collaboration and nouveau niche opportunities - status skills. Once you find your niche, phreak it!

Now, consumers and "trysumers" can acquire as many skills as they want, but equally important is showing-off what you've learned and created. Don’t forget: without ‘the others’ seeing, tasting, hearing or smelling your skills, without the inevitable story-telling, there is no status coming your way!

The anti-trend to status skills is LACK OF TIME, balancing skill time and consumption time. Where on earth will consumers find the time to actively acquire these new skills? Infolust drives status skill-building and trend immersion.

The intergenerational "group leader" is a very busy and observant character, anticipating and even creating trends. While alternately bombarding the viewers and leaving them in pregnant silence, her approach is nevertheless anticipatory and dependent on the will of individuals within the group. This goes a long way toward avoiding the toxicity of recipes, the flapdoodle of stating the obvious.

The mentor must be able to think on her feet, with fluid concepts and creative analogies, and thus make it a learning experience for herself as well. Her job is to inspire, encourage and validate, to give authoritative crits, tips, demos, as well as input from Leonardo, Andy, Vincent, Georgia and others. It's good to instill and cultivate a feeling of the historic brotherhood and sisterhood. Newbies benefit when they keep their pride and lose their inhibitions.

Teaching can stealthily eviscerate your own need for art-making. Of course, there are those who find teaching a stimulus. Because many of us have a hard-wired need to share--and teaching is an obvious vehicle--we need to find ways of satisfying this need. Teaching art and hypermedia is not like teaching accounting. In the first place, individuals in an art community are likely to have vastly different expectations, potentials, aesthetics, icon repertoires, and prior experiences.

Because everybody is on a different page, you need to adjust your methodology. A feeling of "We're all friends here" must be established. In a game-like environment and an urgent atmosphere, all the particpants start by going to work on current projects at their own level of proficiency. When the mentor feels that some direction can be reasonably offered, she engages on a one-to-one basis.

Students, collaborators and colleagues may gather or disperse. On occasion the mentor may pontificate for the whole group. She may quickly demonstrate her own or another's work for whoever may be interested. Examples of work, good and bad, finished or not, are held up for quick discussion. There's an ongoing interactive crit, a celebration of individuality within the joy of the group.

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Comprehensive intro and updates for all writing and art.

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New Feature Article: 10,000 words
Grounding Systems, Meta-Syn, & Rebirth

What do imaginative children, passionate lovers, dreamers, psychonauts, telepaths, bliss-bunnies, UFO abductees, shamans and neo-shamans, birthing mothers and babies, near-death experiencers, and schizophrenics have in common? The same thing Tibetan, Taoist and Kabbalistic masters, meditators, mystics and religious prophets share. Their brains are flooded with natural psychedelic pineal secretions that tenaciously cling to their synaptic junctions, electrifying their whole being with multisensory virtual stimuli, experiential beliefs and delusions about the nature of reality.

Feature Article:
Prophets, Procreation & Parallel Worlds

Also appearing in Pop Occulture now


ACTIVISM: Updates on Aborigine racist murders by police in Queensland. News and  new photos. Tell the world.

Alt.Cinema: view at
REALITY PORTAL: The Peace Project; Freedom Fighters film  will be screened again in AMSTERDAM/HOLLAND
WHERE: At the artistic Anti kraak, De Clerq straat 55.
WHEN: OCTOBER (date forthcoming) 15.30 - 20.00 (over and over again)
WHEN: Sun 24 th September 19:00 - 21:00. BIG SCREEN
Documentary by Kevin Zaar about state terrorism, conspiracies, control, drugs, parties, trance / techno / rave movement and secret police. Jack Herrer, Mike Rupert, Albert Hoffman, Regina Lund, Nina Hagen, Dalai Lama, Sirius Dog, Scott Ritter, Iona Miller, and many more.

Psy/Trance mp3 dowloads:

Coming Soon: Print article on "The Demiurgic Field" for Journal of Interdisciplinary Crossroads (India), and two print articles in Spring for Paranoia Magazine (USA) on Mankind Research Unlimited and Pineal DMT. Also, OpEd piece on Intent vs. Belief in next issue of Journal of Nonlocality & Remote Mental Interaction. And, Epilogue on "Cyberotica in Technoshamanism" in Gartel's THE ART OF FETISH (2007).

Also CHAOSOPHY 2007: Mainstreaming Meditation in Medicine  and "Active Practical Wisdom: Molding the World Around You"


Speculation on Practice in the Electronic Astral Plane.
Speculation on Practice in the Electronic Astral Plane.
DER GOLEM is published twice a year, on Beltane and Samhain,
and covers a wide range of metaphysical, occult, and
magical topics. A significant number of articles are
translations of English essays already published, and
many authors are occultists of considerable reputation
in the occult scene. In the comparatively short time
since its inception (Beltane of 2000), it has managed
to accumulate a dedicated readership. Drops Halloween.
Official Homepage


POP OCCULTURE zine is running 2 of my articles at


Artshow: ART AS META-SYN 8-4-06

NEUROTHEOLOGY, also known as biotheology, is the study of the neural basis of spirituality. Neurotheology deals with the neurological and evolutionary basis for subjective experiences traditionally categorized as spiritual. Aldous Huxley introduced the term neurotheology in his utopian novel Island. The term is also sometimes used in a less scientific context or a philosophical context. Keywords include 'deity', 'neurophysiological bases', self-transcendence, 'spirituality' and 'mysticism'.


CONSCIOUS ALCHEMY is the art of modulating your own psychophysical chemistry for increased quality of life.  We need to learn the art of living well, instead of living better. Through CONSCIOUS ALCHEMY you can retrieve the psychophysical biochemistry of your balanced and peak performance states. You can apply this to pain management as well as emotional issues or boosting your potential. By recalling vital times, you essentially regress your body chemistry to a more youthful you, and minimize the toxic chemistry of stress. This allows both body and mind to relax and recalibrate homeostasis. You can also draw on the support and encouragement of your evolving future self through imagination. Just as one incident can create trauma, one healing moment can change that instantly.

6/06 NEW SITE: June, 2006

Re-Vision Qabala. We need a contemporary qabala for today, a 21st Century qabala, suitable for our "ground", our electronic environment. There is no advantage in our remaining locked up in any cultural cycle, exchanging hoary grimoires and number matrices and counting synchronicities, as if in a trance or a dream. If you go obsessively looking for something in the matrix, you are sure to find it. Discover the means of living simultaneously in all cultural modes while quite conscious. All spiritual worldviews, including science, are narratives or interpretations of the nature of reality and our nature. We can make our practice and service contemporary by drawing on each era and drawing them forward into the future.


NEW SITE: May, 2006 MY ZERO POINT: Find Your Own Zero Point DISCOVER THE WHOLE IN YOUR SOUL.  All of Nature and our own nature arises from the omnipresent centerpoint of Zero-Point Energy or vacuum fluctuation, beyond energy/matter.  Our whole body flickers in and out of existence at an astounding rate, and each of those quantum recreations is an opportunity to transform utterly.

NEW ANIMATION: Blue Elf Magick, animated by Bob Judd of Subcutaneous.


NEW SITE: April, 2006 HARMONIC CONTINUUM EMBODIMENT PRACTICES and PARTICIPATORY WISDOM: Somatic-Spiritual Tech for the Reality Shift. A group of spirit-based somatic educators, action-research scientists, scholars and performing artists have formed a unique alliance with an evolutionary agent, Steve Bhaerman, aka Swami Beyondananda, political scientist and comedian, Lorin Kiely, Physicist Mark Comings, Stas Rotkowski, Julie Henderson, etc. We came together Easter weekend, April 14-16, 2006 to originate a new synthesis which will be the foundation for a fully dynamic participatory educational process for self-regulation.

Grants Pass Metaphysical Library and Salon
The community-based GPML is a regional membership lending library, music and art space, study center and event center in Grants Pass, Southern Oregon. Let me know if you want to speak in our venue.

NEW JNLRMI April 2006:
Our April 2006 issue of the biophysics Journal of Nonlocality and Remote Mental Interactions. Genetic Regulatory Architectures, Bioelectromagnetics and Conscious Intent: A survey of current experimental evidence and new genetic control paradigms. Available online

NEW WEBSITE: KNOW BROW ART Neither High-brow nor Low-Brow, the Electronic Arts are "KNOW-Brow Art" born of our fusion with technology. In the middle of the forehead, neither high nor low is the Third Eye of inner or visionary sight. Electronic arts, by their very nature, require a great deal of technical knowledge to interface with computer-assisted media. Know Brow art respects and draws from both classical art and that of the underground or street. Digital Media include still frames, Flash, and desktop digital movies, often incorporated with other media, installation, and performance.

This site was hacked off the net the first week of 6/06 at its 50megs locale. So, I brought it back at    Do It Yourself Mind Control. Self-care and Self-regulation is the antidote to corporate and sociopolitical mind control. Do it yourself, or somebody else will. Rototill your belief system; don’t be a sheeple, people. Paramedia Ecology; Paradigm Shift; Freestyling

CANCELLED: MAY 2006; Memorial Day Weekend
ASSACON, May ’06
San Francisco, California; Memorial Day Weekend
Workshop Title: Altered States of Sex, Love, Intelligence
Co-facilitators: Sobey Wing, Vancouver B.C. and Iona Miller, So. Oregon
The mixing of the psychedelic experience and the world of relationships can be a road to enlightenment or suffering. Love itself being considered a drug gives rise to possibilities of harm reduction approaches to the way we share energies. Neo-tribalist, Sobey Wing and Cybersybil, Iona Miller provide an inter-generational bridge in a culture lab investigating the potentialities of dyad voyages from preparation to post-integration of the entheogenic experience. Use of aphrodisiacs will also be touched upon. Looking at questions that hinder our intimacies and create armoring of the heart, we will seek ways to empower the resource states in ourselves. Applications draw on tools that including free writing, discussions and breakout groups, movement and self hypnosis as we explore ways to re-pattern mind states to anchor more sacredness in our love and sexuality. Also see more at

NEW WEBSITE: DIGITAL UNIVERSE Albert Hoffman 100th birthday party, Basel; Io digital media art
Media Ecology; Video Guru Nam June Paik’s Wake, NYC, more.

NEW WEBSITE: PSIONA (PSIONICS) Iona’s parapsychology/paraphysics history, writings, mentors, and collaborations, 1970s - 2006. PSIber Kult, Emergent Mind, Nexus, PsiOps, John Curtis Gowan, Stan Krippner, Heartstrings Nonlocal Healing, Asklepia Dreamhealing, Mankind Research Unlimited, Beyond MK Ultra, OAK, Inc., Nexus, more. 21st C. Psi Research, Holographic Concept, Co-consciousness, Quantum Bioholography, Multiverse, Chaosophy, Nonlocal Healing, etc.

NEW ANIMATION OF IO ART “Blue Elf Magick”: Hyperdelic animation of digital fine art and pix from Albert Hoffman 100th B-day party, Basel, Switzerland. Io collabo with electronic artist Philip Wood, France.

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NEW WEBSITE: THE PHOTONIC HUMAN (PARAPHYSICS) From the Heart of Darkness springs the Light, and we are That. Virtual Photon Fluctuation is the Source of the photons that form and sustain our Being. We are truly Light Beings: Homo Lumen. We literally inhabit and embody a Temple of Living Light, which is interconnected with the deepest level of Cosmos. We are shiny Diamonds of Rainbow Light. We are made in the Images of that Brilliance. Shine On!
In the Effulgence of its Brilliance.


NEW WEBSITE: KABBALAH LUMINATA (SCIENCE-ART) As a digital artist I paint with LIGHT; as a Qabalist I practice in the Temple of Living Light. Recently discontent with static and Flash imagery alone, I have begun venturing into the world of filmmaking. Come see some of the art frames I have prepared for animation at my new Kabbalah Luminata Portal at

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